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Soaking Grains

Thursday, April 3rd 1:00 pm

Lisa Barker will be teaching about Soaking different Grains in this wonderful class! If you have always wanted to soak grains then this is a class you don't want to miss!

Breakfast the Whole Grain Way- CHEF BRAD

April 4th, 10:00 AM -$15 per person

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start the day out right with breakfast foods that will last until lunch. From Crepes to simple omelets you need to be here! No one loves breakfast like Chef Brad and no one does it better. $15 per person

Make Ahead Bread- CHEF BRAD

April 4th, 2:00 PM -15$ per person

.In this Class Master Bread Maker Chef Brad will be teaching all about bread that can be done ahead. From Hogie to par baked pizza dough you will love how easy and wonderful bread making can be. $15 per person

Gourmet Popcorn Balls

Saturday, April 12th 11 AM

Looking for a way to change popcorn? Emily Mecham will be making a couple different kinds of Gourmet popcorn that you will not want to miss!

Stuff It

Tuesday, April 15th 11 AM

Cathy Ashman will be making stuffed rolls that are to die for! They are great for any occasion!

Meals in a Jar

Wednesday, April 16th 11 AM

Colette Hymas will be making different Meals in Jar! Meals in a Jar involves breaking down your cans to specific meals that are ready to go! Come and see what all the hype is about!

Food Storage-Small Places

Wednesday, April 16th 1 pm

Want to start you food storage, but don't have a lot of room? Colette Hymas will be teaching you where to put your food storage without taking up a lot of space!


Tuesday, April 22nd 11 am

Cathy Ashman will be cooking up some delicious cupcakes that you will not want to miss out on!

Grateful for Grains and Nuts

Wednesday, April 23rd 11AM

Have you ever wanted to know more about basic grains and nuts? Well now you can! Colette Hymas will be instructing on some different grains and nuts that she is grateful for!

Make a Mix

Wednesday, April 23rd 1 PM

Learn how to cook a fast Mexican meat mix in your pressure cooker that can be used for many different meals!

Salads in a Jar

Saturday, April 26th 11:00 am

Stacy Nelson will be teaching you how to put Salads in Jar to make them last longer! If you have enjoyed Meals in a Jar classes this is one you will for sure like!

Snacks and Treats

Tuesday April 29th 11AM

Looking for some fun ideas for new snacks and treats? Cathy Ashman will be creating some fun snacks for the whole family!

Meals in a Bag

Wednesday, April 30th 11 AM

Meals in a Bag helps break your food storage down and put it in bags that are ready to go! Different color bags for different meals makes it fun!

Homemade Cleaners

Wednesday April 30 1 PM

Spring Cleaning is upon us and in this class you can learn to make your own cleaners and refreshers to save money and lessen your exposure to chemicals!

Meals in a Jar

Saturday, May 3rd 11 AM 5$ per person

The author of our Honeyville cookbook, Meals in a Jar, will be here with all you've ever wanted to know about shelf-stable meals along with samples of many of the most popular recipes in the book!

Advanced Bread

Saturday, May 3rd 2 PM 5$ per person

Ready to take your bread to the next level? Braiding, Decorating and painting edible show-piece breads for beginners for some remarkably simple tips and techniques never before shared with the public! If you love kitchen crafts and bread, this is the class for you! Chef Tess will be doing a book signing from 4:00-5:00 so stick around to get your book signed!

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