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Summer Salad Meals

Wednesday, July 9th 1:00

Don't you love salad meals during these hot days? Come and get some great ideas for summer time meals!

Make a Food Storage Master Plan

Wednesday, July 9th 3:00

How do you build a food storage system without going crazy in the process? Come and find out how!

Mountain House Meals

Friday, July 11th 1:00

Ever wanted to try some different Freeze Dried Mountain House Meals? We will cook several meals and let you try them!

Make a Mix- Salad Dressings

Wednesday, July 16th 1:00

Come and learn how to make some fresh, chemical free dressings worthy of your salads!

Sanitation and Hygiene Ideas

Wednesday, July 16th 3:00

How will we shower and take card of hygiene and sanitation in the case of a system shutdown?

Milk- Milk- Milk

Thursday, July 17th 1:00

Come and sample different types of powdered milk! From Chocolate Soy to Strawberry Milk we will have them out to sample!

Meals In A Jar

Wednesday, July 23rd 1:00

Learn to put together delicious meals to take backpacking or camping!

Water Storage

Wednesday, July 23rd 3:00

How much, where, how to store water that you will need in many kinds of emergencies!

What's with Powdered Eggs?

Friday, July 25th 1:00

Come learn and taste about the different powdered eggs that Honeyville has to offer!


Tuesday, July 29th 11:00

Enjoy a fun filled class about sprouting!

Grateful for Grains

Wednesday, July 30th 1:00

Salads using grains for nutrition and diversity in meals!

Blessed Beans

Wednesday, July 30th 3:00

Using beans in tasty nutritious salads!

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Featured Product

Emergency Pump and Filter Kit

This new product filters water for drinking, washing, and cooking and is capable of creating 120 gallons of safe drinking water. There are two versions of this kit, the RED Line which is used for high risk emergencies and removes bacteria, crypto, giardia, and virus. There is also the Green Line which filters natural water such as that of lakes, streams, and rivers.

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