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Meals In A Jar - Meals for One

Wednesday, September 3rd 1:00

Do you ever need a personal sized meal for a quick lunch or something for a flight kit, maybe send meals to a college student or another loved one who is away? Come and learn how.

First Aid

Wednesday, September 3rd 3:00

What do you do if someone stops breathing or is choking? Come to class to learn what to do.


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH 11:00 & 1:00

Have you ever heard of a Thermal cooker? Ever been curious how to cook food without power? Well, now you can! At 11:00 Amy and Jack Loveless will be teaching about different ways to cook meals without using power! From the butane stove to the sun oven they will cover them all! Then at 1:00 they will dive into cooking with a thermal cooker. It is best described as slow cooking without any electricity! Mark your calendar so you don't miss this fun day of powerless cooking classes!

Meals in a Bag - Fish

Wednesday, September 10th 1:00

Bag meals featuring fish.

Flight Kits (72hr)

Wednesday, September 10th 3:00

What to put in them and how to use them.


Friday, September 12th 11:00

Come learn the basics of water storage from the experts. You will learn which type of container to use, how to prepare a container before filling, how to best fill the container to prevent contamination, and how to safely remove water from the container. You will also learn about the best water treatment and filter systems to clean contaminated water.

Gluten Free is Here to Stay

Saturday, September 13th 11:00

Eating healthy without gluten is easier than you think. Author Karen Sunderland will show you how to make your own gluten free flour mix and a homemade healthy gluten free baking mix (compare to Bisquick).Usethe mixesto create delicious pancakes, waffles, gluten free-yeast free bread, cookies, brownies and more. You will get to sample a wonderful gluten free soup, gluten free cornbread, and gluten free brownies. Come join us! Karen will be signing her new book "Feasting on Food Storage" which contains over 120 gluten free recipes, after class.

Feasting on Food Storage

Saturday, September 13th 1:00

Have you ever wondered how to use all that wheat you have stored AND you don't have a wheat grinder? This is the perfect class for you! Come join author Karen Sunderland as she shares getting started with food storage, how to figure out what foods and how much to store for your family, plus creative and delicious ways to incorporate wheat and other long-term storage foods in your everyday meals. Join us for all this and great food too!

Grateful for Grains - Rice

Wednesday, September 17th 1:00

Learn to make rice dishes from your food storage.

First Aid - Hands On Class

Wednesday, September 17th 3:00

Hands on CPR class.

Make a Mix - Sweet Breads

Wednesday, September 24th 1:00

Want to get ready for some fall baking? Come and learn how to use Sweet Quick Bread mix to make several delicious sweet breads.

Blessed Beans - Refried Beans

Wednesday, September 24th 3:00

Using your Refried Bean Flakes to create some great eats.

Utah Prepare Conference & Expo

Saturday, September 27th 8am to 8pm

Honeyville will be participating in Utah's Largest Preparedness Conference and Expo. Come see us!

Redmond Clay Class

Wednesday, October 8th 2:00

Neal Bosshardt, whose family has been using Redmond Clay medicinally for over 30 years, will teach a class on how to use Redmond Clay and the importance of having such a product in an emergency preparedness kit.
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Redmond Clay Burn Stories

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Featured Product

Emergency Pump and Filter Kit

This new product filters water for drinking, washing, and cooking and is capable of creating 120 gallons of safe drinking water. There are two versions of this kit, the RED Line which is used for high risk emergencies and removes bacteria, crypto, giardia, and virus. There is also the Green Line which filters natural water such as that of lakes, streams, and rivers.

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