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Cooking & Food Storage Classes

Meals In A Jar

October 10th, 10:30AM

Learn how to make meals in a jar the right way- from a former Honeyville team member. Whether you're looking for stress-free meals or a way to break away from generic food storage entrees, Beth will leave you wanting to make all of your meals ones in jars.

Cast Iron Cooking

October 17th, 10:30AM

Cornbread and chili, that's all you need to know. But...just in case you want a little more info, Ann is going to use cornmeal and our FABULOUS Alta Artisan flour to make that mouth-watering cornbread. If that's not enough, she's going to use freeze dried ground beef, quick-cook red beans and our Chili-flavored TVP (textured vegetable protein) to whip up some delicious chili.

Sun Oven Cooking

October 24th, 10:30AM

You say you don't like firing up the oven during the summer when temperatures can reach triple digits? Claudia will teach the basics on cooking with the power of the sun and how easy it is to use at home or take it with you on camping trips. There is a world of possibilities and all you need is the sun (and a sun oven).

Gluten-Free Pie Crust

October 24th, 1:00PM

Though National Pie Month is February, we think November deserves some recognition as being pie-friendly too. Let Erica show you how to create a delicious pie crust that happens to be gluten-free!

"C" is For Cookies!

October 31st, 10:30AM

How do you make the most scrumptious cookies, you ask? By using our specialty Cookie/Pastry flour, of course! Claudia will show that not all flours are created equally, nor is there just one kind of flour for every type of baking.

Pressure Cook Your Stress Away

November 7th, 10:30AM

Ann is sure to relieve the pressure off the cook in your kitchen by showing how wonderfully easy it is to use a pressure cooker. She'll be making chicken and dumplings using our freeze dried chicken and some of our vegetables as well.

Bread Basics

November 21, 10:30AM

Ann is ready for you to come learn how to make "Old-Time" biscuits and Fried Pies using our Alta Artisan flour and a calzone press. Don't miss out!


Emergency preparedness is becoming a priority in today's world, and Honeyville is here to help both the experienced and novice food prepper build their food storage pantry.

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