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Store Hours

Tuesday, June 27th, 2014

Starting Tuesday, May 27th, Honeyville Farms will start its summer time store hours. Mondays through Fridays we will be open from 10am - 6pm and Saturdays we will be open from 10am-5pm.

Taco Tuesday- Indian Fry Bread/Navajo Tacos

Tuesday, Aug. 12 at 11:00am

Fry bread is classic herein Arizona. Come and taste some amazing tacos and get all the great tips and techniques for making this fabulous native treat! Class fee $5

Almond Flour Cake- Gluten Free- Nancy

Friday Aug. 15th 11:00 am

Looking for the perfect Gluten Free treat to share with all your neighbors. This is it. Come and taste our delicious Almond cake and have your neighbors swooning over its deliciousness.

Egg-Streme Makeover - Chef Tess $5

Saturday Aug. 16th 11:00am

Still trying to figure out why there are so many powdered eggs and which one tastes the best. Well this is the class you have all been waiting for. We'll be discussing/tasting the difference between the Ova Easy Egg Crystals, powdered eggs and dehydrated Scrambled eggs. $5 per person

Basic Knife Skills- Chef Tess $5

Thursday Aug. 21st 11:00 am

Chef Tess wil be demonstrating the basics of chopping, slicing, cutting, and all you need to know about knifes. $5 per person

Home Canning- Chef Tess $5

Saturday Aug 23rd 11:00am

Tis the season for canning. Come and learn all you need to know water bath canning, pressure canning and the do's and don'ts of canning. Chef tess will be walking you through all you need to know so you can go home feeling safe and confident to begin canning yourself. $5 per person

How to use your Grains

Saturday Aug. 30th 11:00am

What is Amaranth? How do you cook Quinoa? Is there Gluten in Rye? Chef Tess will not only answer all your questions about grains but will sample a delicious aray of fabulous treats. $5 per person

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Text Club

Triple Berry Summertime Cobbler

Triple Berry Cobbler

If you are looking for a wholesome and sweet summertime desert or treat then look no further than this Triple Berry Summertime Cobbler from our blog. While the recipe in the blog is using a Sun Oven and Dutch Oven in a cook off a household oven will just as good a job. Head past the break for the link to this awesome summertime kickoff recipe!!

Triple Berry Cobbler

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