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Coconut Oil by Dr. Ross Lloyd

Friday October 3rd at 11:00am

Come learn about the many health benefits of using coconut oil. This class will help you learn how to use coconut oil as well as how it can help with countless health ailments. In this class we will discuss why it is the only low calorie fat, how it lasts years in food storage and will also be focusing on thyroid health and metabolism, a problem many people struggle with.

Redmond Clay by Neal Bosshardt

Tuesday October 7th at 2:00pm

Many people who have used the Redmond Clay for burns call it an ‘external pain killer’.It is a totally natural, safe and effective home remedy which has also been used for such external problems as acne, eczema, cuts, bruises, bee stings, spider bites and infections.   It is used internally for such things as diarrhea, constipation, colitis, diverticulitis, food poisoning, acid indigestion, heart burn, and ulcers. Neal Bosshardt, whose family has been using Redmond Clay medicinally since 1975 will teach a class on how to use Redmond Clay and the importance of having such a product in an emergency preparedness kit.  Come see why Neal says:  ‘Don’t have kids or grandkids on your property without Redmond Clay'
Redmond Clay Burn Stories

Water Storage Basics by John Gustave

Friday October 10th at 11:00am

Come learn the basics of water storage from the experts. You will learn which type of container to use, how to prepare a container before filling, how to best fill the container to prevent contamination, and how to safely remove water from the container. You will also learn about the best water treatment and filter systems to clean contaminated water.

Pressure Cooking by Ann Henderson

Thursday October 16th at 11:00am

Come learn how to cook with a pressure cooker. Ann Henderson will be covering the basic safety procedures as well as useful cooking techniques. Come try some great food cooked in the pressure cooker.

Holy Frijole, What a Bean! by Jim Hansen

Friday October 24th at 11:00am

Beans and Legumes are a great source of nutrition. They are chucked full of protein and vitamins. Come and learn different ways to cook beans. Jim will even be make a bean flour cake.

Yeast Class by Stan Denton

Monday October 27th at 11:00am

Come learn about the different kinds of yeast and how to use them. We will also learn the best way to mix bread using a BOSCH mixer.

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